Baggage information

Getting baggage information including hand baggage, checked baggage, excess and food items. Click on each article below for more details.

Cabin Baggage

An additional seat service that helps passengers to watch out for valuable belongings, fragile or bulky objects.

Checked Baggage

On Vietnam Airlines's flights, passengers are offered baggage allowance free of charge.

Excess Baggage

In case the weight of your luggage exceeds Vietnam Airline’s baggage allowance.

Mishandled Baggage

Any lost or mishandled baggage, passenger must inform the baggage claim counter immediately.

Prepaid Baggage

From March 2015, Vietnam Airlines offers Prepaid Baggage services.

Restricted Baggage

Passengers are not allowed to bring the following items in all baggage.

Special Baggage

AVIH service allows passengers to travel with pet on the same flight. Your pet will be delivered like checked baggage.