Hue to Frankfurt Route Map

Flight FAQs

What is the distance between Hue and Frankfurt ?
The average distance from Hue to Frankfurt is 9263 kilometers (equals to 5756 miles or 5002 nautical miles). Your flight will depart from Phu Bai International Airport at (16° 23′ 49.2000″ N, 107° 43′ 4.8000″ E), and will arrive at Frankfurt Airport at (50° 2′ 54.6000″ N, 8° 34′ 14.5200″ E).

How long does it take to fly from Hue to Frankfurt ?
The average flight time between Hue and Frankfurt is 0 min.

How many flights which Vietnam Airlines serve per day for the route between Hue - Frankfurt ?
Vietnam Airlines is currently operating 0 daily flights from Hue to Frankfurt .

How much is the fare for flight between Hue and Frankfurt ?
On average, the price for one-way air ticket from Hue to Frankfurt is 11,550.000 VND (or ~$525 USD) for economy class and 34,540.000 VND (or ~$1570 USD) for business class.