HUI to PVG Route Map

Flight FAQs

What is the distance between Hue and Shanghai?
The average distance from Hue to Shanghai is 2143 kilometers (equals to 1331 miles or 1157 nautical miles). Your flight will depart from Phu Bai International Airport at (16° 23’ 49.2”N, 107° 43’ 4.8”E), and will arrive at SHANGHAI PUDONG at (31° 11’ 48.53”N, 121° 20’ 31.09”E).

How long does it take to fly from Hue to Shanghai?
The average flight time between Hue and Shanghai is 3 hours and 53 minutes.

How many flights which Vietnam Airlines serve per day for the route between Hue - Shanghai?
Vietnam Airlines is currently operating 4 daily flights from Hue to Shanghai.

How much is the fare for flight between Hue and Shanghai?
On average, the price for one-way air ticket from Hue to Shanghai is 3,630,000 VND (or ~$165 USD) for economy class and 9,350,000 VND (or ~$425 USD) for business class.