Hanoi walking streets – new hotspot for cultural activities and entertainment

Whenever visiting to Hanoi, the old quarter will be one of the “to-do lists” for destination. One of the best common experiences for visitors is enjoying the Hanoi Walking Street, located inside the old quarter. Beginning at 6pm on Fridays and stretching into the late hours of Sunday evening, the Hoan Kiem area of the walking street now sees thousands of visitors each weekend.

This new walking street created a new space for cultural activities and entertainment for both locals and international visitors to the capital city.
Pedestrian street introducing visitors to a capital city full of arts and culture, from traditional to contemporary styles, while creating a push for the city’s tourism sector.
Visitors can take a look to Cam Tu (Self-sacrifice) Monument, while a street circus and lighting arts performances are to take place around the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square and artwork and photo exhibitions held in areas adjacent to Trang Tien Trade Centre. On major holidays, at No. 16 and No. 2 Le Thai To Street, there are contemporary cultural and arts performances, which are very recommended.

Another good thing: Wi-Fi service is available for free in walking streets
Hanoi has installed a total of 31 free Wi-Fi transmitters at 21 venues in the walking space around Hoan Kiem Lake and surrounding streets, aiming to meet the demand of being connected online of local citizens and tourists to the capital.
By logging in “Freewifi_UBNDHANOI” through smart phones or portable devices and entering their mobile numbers, locals and visitors will have 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi before the system automatically logs out. If wanting to continue using the public Wi-Fi, they can repeat the same process.
The installation of free Wi-Fi seeks to help domestic and foreign tourists to Hanoi conveniently search for the information they need while coming to the capital city as a whole and its walking streets in particular, thereby contributing to facilitating services and commercial activities across the locality.