Vietnam Airlines is running new promotion campaign for round-trip flights from Vietnam to some European cities. More detail, fare for round-trip from Vietnam to London or other European cities transiting in London is only USD 2699 for Business class and USD 699 for Economy class, while similar types of flights but transiting at Paris, Frankfurt and London offer 1699 USD fare for Deluxe Economy class. This fare does not contain taxes, surcharges and additional fee, and might vary due to availability of seats.

This promotion applies for all tickets which are purchased on the period of time between 18th January and 31st March 2012 with departure date in the same period. Maximum staying duration before return flight is also restricted to be 1 year for Business class and 3 months for Deluxe Economy and Economy class.

In addition, passengers purchasing tickets for Business class via this promotion are granted right to rebook, reroute and be refunded without any extra fee. On the other hand, passengers of Deluxe Economy and Economy Class are not allowed to reroute their flights and only permitted to rebook with additional fee of USD 50 per time and be refunded before departure with extra fee of USD 100.

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